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Enjoy the sweet taste and excellent nutritional benefits of our pesticide-free berries. Carefully cultivated to ensure that they have no pesticide residue, and packed with love, those colorful goodies are nothing short of amazing. Reinvent your everyday smoothie with this delight! 


Residue free grapes are 100% safe to eat as the chemical residues are within the maximum residue limits and are naturally ripened without any artificial intervention.

 Eat safe with Best Grapes !

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Do you know..?

More than five decades Nashik have been cultivating 90% of Grapes of India.

Grape from Nashik are available from January to April

Grape are considered berries with an average 100 berries per bunch


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Delicious Grape's Pickle

Delicious Grape's Pickle

सायली राजाध्यक्ष , अन्न हेच पूर्णब्…

Basmati Almond Rice with Roasted Grapes

Basmati Almond Rice with Roasted Grapes

Ingredients 4 cups basmati rice, rins…

Finger Food Party Tray

Finger Food Party Tray

Ingredients 8 small grape clusters 8 …

Grape Salsa

Grape Salsa

Ingredients 2 cups grapes, coarsely cho…

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